Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Crafts Hand Painted Handmade Crafts Easter Decorations

Easter crafts hand painted handmade crafts easter decorations. Easter bunny girl easter bunny painted light bulb. Happy easter sign spring has sprung easter sign easter bunnies easter egg hunt wooden wall hanging easter bunny holding flowers easter bunny holding easter egg easter bunny holding carrot easter decorating ideas. Wooden girl easter bunny with baby wooden easter basket easter egg hunt happy easter sign. Hand painted handmade crafts made in America signed by artist. Handmade from poplar wood or burned out light bulbs.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easter Bunnies Carrying Bouquets Handmade Easter Decorations bunnies carrying bouquets handmade easter decorations. Set of two handmade wood crafts easter bunnies in yellow outfit carrying easter bouquet of easter eggs and flowers. Handmade easter decorations 4.5x3.5 inch each piece.  Signed by artist.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Easter Bunny Pushing Wheelbarrow of Easter Eggs Handmade Crafts

Easter bunny pushing wheelbarrow of easter eggs handmade crafts. Wood hand crafted easter decoration white easter bunny wearing teal suit pushing blue wheelbarrow full of colorful easter eggs. 5.5x6.5 inch signed by artist.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Let Your Heart Bloom Easter Bunny Rabbit Spring Decoration

Easter bunny rabbit let your heart bloom, wood hand painted Spring Decoration. A girl bunny rabbit wearing a blue dress with heart motif and linen apron surrounded by flower pot and watering can with a sign Let Your Heart Bloom.  Easter bunny hand crafted hand painted easter decoration.   Handmade Easter crafts 5x7.5 inch.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Easter Sign Easter Crafts Hand Painted Handmade Crafts

Happy Easter Egg sign surrounded by baby animals and flowers. Wooden Easter craft hand painted handmade crafts. Easter decorations wall hanging 11x22 inches. Made in America signed by artist.

Easter Bunny Holding Easter Egg Handmade Easter Crafts

Easter bunny surrounded by Easter eggs.  White Easter Bunny dress in blue bibs and yellow coat holding easter egg that says Happy Spring with a baby chick looking on.  Easter bunny holding easter egg handmade wooden easter crafts. Hand painted handmade crafts wooden easter decorations. Made in America signed by artist 6.5x8 inches.

Easter Bunny Spring Has Sprung Easter Decorations Easter Sign

Easter bunny wall hanger announcing spring has sprung easter decorations wood Easter sign.   Brown Bunny in a teal shirt carrying the "Spring has Sprung" sign bordered with flowers.   Easter crafts hand painted handmade crafts Easter crafts Easter bunny 11x6.5 inch. Made in America signed by artist.

Easter Bunny Holding Flowers Hand Painted Easter Crafts

White Easter bunny holding flowers handmade wood easter crafts.  Hand painted wood easter decorations. Easter bunny pink & purple flowers. Made in America signed by artist 6 inches tall.

Easter Bunny Holding Carrot Handmade Hand Painted Easter Crafts

Girl easter bunny wearing a pink dress handmade crafts wooden easter decorations.  Easter bunny holding carrot hand painted easter crafts.  5.5x6.5 inch sits on any flat surface. Made in America signed by artist.

Easter Bunny Painted Light Bulb Hand Painted Easter Crafts

Easter bunny boy painted light bulb hand painted easter crafts. Easter bunny in teal suit holding easter basket full of easter eggs. Handmade recycled light bulb crafted easter decorations made in America signed by artist.